EXPOSED: Hillary Clinton Letters to Saul Alinsky Praising His Satanic “Rules for Radicals” Manual

Patriot News


New letters obtained by the Washington Free Beacon,  reveal that Hillary Clinton couldn’t wait for Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” affectionately dedicated to “Lucifer,” aka: Satan, to be released.

“When is that new book coming out–or has it come and I somehow missed the fulfillment of Revelation? I have just had my one-thousandth conversation about Reveille and need some new material to throw at people,” wrote Hillary Clinton to the author Alinsky, who taught about overthrowing capitalism and replacing it with communism, teaching the amoral “ends justify the means” philosophy and destroying America’s middle class.

Saul Alinsky, considered the “father of community organizing,” i.e., rabble-rousing, or agitating, is literally worshiped by progressive leftist communists and socialists, devoted his life to organizing a revolution against the American system he believed to be unfair and oppressive.

Alinsky’s basic guiding principle was to take power from the Haves and give it…

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