FEMA BUS – A Look Inside (Extended, clearer version)

Patriot News

 By: MsMizzK

2015-04-07 07_57_05-FEMA BUS - A Look Inside (Extended, clearer version) - YouTube
An inside look at the infamous FEMA Bus – huge, expensive ambulance buses which can carry 20+ patients. Otherwise known as Mass Evacuation Buses or Medical Ambulance Buses, these so-called FEMA buses are purchased by municipalities with big grants from Homeland Security. I look at who makes them, who owns them, and question what they are used for.

http://www.sartinservices.com Website for MAB (Medical Ambulance Bus) manufacturer Sartin Services. There are photos, floor plans, and specifications for these buses.

https://www.rkb.us/contentdetail.cfm?… FEMA website description of Mass Casualty Transport. Please note recommendation of “Provision of privacy and screening from public view.”

http://www.wmbfnews.com/Global/story…. Brunswick County bus news article

http://legeros.com/ralwake/photos/web… Raleigh- Wake County North Carolina Firefighting Blog. Scroll down to Here Comes the Bus. From the blog post, Sartin buses are already in service in Charlotte and Brunswick County, with others in production for Guilford County, among other locales. Guys, have you seen…

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