MUST SEE PROOF: China Converting Multiple Wal-Marts Into FEMA Camps for Americans for Jade Helm 15

Patriot News

Russian Troops In Alpena Michigan

I know for a fact that Russian Spetsnaz troops are right here in Alpena, “training” at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center. I’ve seen them with my own eyes, in Walmart of all places. The Alpena Walmart by the way is the closest retail store to the base.

I know they were Spetsnaz for a couple of different reasons, the first clue being their bearing. When I was in the Marine Corps we trained specifically to fight these scumbags and were taught quite a bit about them.

There were four of them, each with a European-style over the shoulder man purse, just big enough to fit a handgun. While the strap was over the shoulder, the pack itself sat just off-center of their torsos. I KNOW these guys were packin’. I started…

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