Colorado Senate Supports Unborn Victims Bill After Mom’s Baby Cut Out of Her Womb

Patriot News

After a lengthy debate — during which abortion proponents attempted to ignore how unborn children are often victims of violent crimes — the Colorado state Senate gave initial approval to a bill that would provide justice for unborn children who are killed or injured in violent crimes against their mother.

The state Senate tentatively approved the measure on a second reading voice vote and final consideration of the measure — with a recorded vote — is expected on Tuesday. The Republican-controlled Senate is expected to pass the bill on third reading.

With Republicans supporting the bill and Democrats speaking against it, the Colorado Senate passed SB 268, the Offenses Against Unborn Children Act. During the debate on the measure, pro-abortion Democrats falsely claimed the bill would be used to prosecute women for miscarriages or would ban abortions, even though…

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