Chris Hedges on the New World Order, CIA Control of Media, NDAA, Bill C-51 & Federal Reserve

Patriot News

Josh F Sigurdson via Winnipeg Alternative Media

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On May 9th, 2015, Chris Hedges agreed to do an interview with Josh Sigurdson of Winnipeg Alternative Media. Josh first met Chris Hedges on the 8th at a speech by Cornel West (who attended Chris Hedges’ talk as well). Chris Hedges then spoke at the Prairie Theatre Exchange on the 9th, speaking to a very enthusiastic crowd. He then signed books and agreed to do the interview at Knox United Church before Dr. Cornel West’s next speech.
We went to the beautiful building and where we spoke to Chris Hedges about some very interesting subjects.
Chris is a socialist, Josh is a libertarian, but both could agree on much of what’s wrong in the world. The globalist empire, the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve, the NDAA, etc.
Chris Hedges spoke quite candidly about Operation Mockingbird and CIA…

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