Hollywood Warned Us About Obama in 1972


In 1972, Walt Disney (who was directly connected to Barry Soetoro/Obama as a child) released a movie called “ROBIN HOOD” featuring animals playing the parts of the classic legend. The lead villain of the piece, Prince John, was played by a homosexual lanky lion who sucked his thumb and cried for his mommy every time he didn’t get his way. The lion was an ultra-narcissistic usurper to the throne who was mind-controlled by MK Ultra hypnosis by a snake character called “Sir Hiss,” who whispered in his ear and told him what to think. The same lion was later used in a Disney story for their adaptation of the “Emperor’s New Clothes,” in which a whole country is brainwashed into believing that their Emperor is sane when it is totally clear he is not, since none of them want to be laughed at by everyone else if they tell the truth about his insane behavior (including not wearing clothes in public). Note also that Obama is associated with an African lion and depopulation of the U.S. by the CIA’s photo of him in the Vatican/CIA/church of the devil false temple Denver International Airport:







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