‘JUST AHEAD’ — Predicting the Summer’s Coming FALSE FLAG TERRORS #ObamaFalseFlagoftheWeek

By comments and news in various sources #ObamaFalseFlagoftheWeek
May 20, 2015, 12:41 am CDT

Highly seasoned INTEL SOURCE confidentially predicts for us the next major “violence mayhem” in the string of USA false flags this summer will MOST LIKELY be –an occurrence of TWO EVENTS in the same city or same metro at roughly the same time.

SAME SOURCE also predicts— THIS SUMMER the NWO will inflict the US with an intentionally created ILLNESS CONTAGION OUTBREAK, which will purportedly be HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, and require quarantines region to region in the USA to supposedly “contain the outbreak”. Along with the staged CONTAGION OUTBREAK will be the idea that people infected with the illness prior to them being diagnosed – infected large quantities of food and or drinking fluids with the contagion. And thus the US military will be tasked to take over USA food production regions and screen all outgoing foods for distribution…. plus put people “infected with the contagion” into FEMA camps…. and confiscate guns to prevent and/or abort rioting.

Source says there is MUCH INTEL DATA reason to anticipate the possibility a disease outbreak will be intentionally instigated this summer …. as part of a RASH of HIGH IMPACT false flag agitation incidents. According to this source the MOST LIKELY outbreak ORIGIN points for initial OUTBREAK patches of the “contagion” would be in CALIFORNIA, OKLAHOMA, TEXAS and PENNSYLVANIA-VIRGINIA. According to our INTEL SOURCE, the NWO instigated CONTAGION outbreak could be staged in up to FIVE or SEVEN locations within a short space of time…. spread across the nation rapidly, and connect to a narrative of food contamination too, thus creating not only disease outbreak but a food crisis thru the nation and invoking mandatory martial law. Source also says ISIS or AL QAEDA may be blamed for the false flag project of infection. It will in fact however be part of the NWO’s DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA plans. Source comments as well that MOST OF THE USA PUBLIC FINDS IT INCOMPREHENSIBLE there is an actual “destroy America” agenda in progress because they live in the illusion that American political bigwigs are “their own person” making decisions independently. But in truth all truly MAJOR pols are puppets run by the NWO, which has a global agenda that for various reasons includes- destruction of the USA society.

Source also says -pertinent data points strongly suggest- the NWO has insinuated a malware WORM into the internet which is designed to dissolve all stored data into any computer system it reaches into. Its inferred the worm has already been unleashed, was unleashed early this month thru servers all over the nation – but would show up gradually in coming days and weeks. And may provide an excuse for the government to temporarily TURN OF THE INTERNET.

[[Additionally the sources says there are INTEL DATA reasons to believe BERLIN GERMANY and or LONDON ENGLAND may be target of FALSE FLAG “attacks” in the coming weeks..due to being mentioned as such in NWO related (public domain) documents from months previous.]]

And the SOURCE SAYS — Tensions in UKRAINE will be intentionally ESCALATED by the NWO, to PROVOKE–“WORLD WAR THREE”…


Source further says SOME TYPE OF USA ECONOMIC ECONOMIC implosion – is an NWO “option plan” for this year and if activated — in the aftermath… inflation and higher taxes will start blighting the value of your weekly income in fast pace. Source additionally says NWO is believed to have “option plans” worked up for STAGED assassination attempts IN JUNE on one or more top USA officials. One other prediction made is that BALTIMORE will be re-provoked to have more FALSE FLAG RIOTS which would likely result in BALTIMORE AND WASHINGTON DC being placed under martial law.

Source herein alluded to says NONE OF THE DATA drawn upon to offer these predictions is “covert” or “proprietarily held” — its all in public domain, and simply needs accurate reading/discernment/interpretation.

REPEATING FOR PRECISE CLARITY OF PRESENTATION..these are PREDICTIONS based on INTEL ANALYSIS of materials available to the general public’s consciousness.

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start at 45:40 — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSVf5a_RlvM






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