Obama/CIA/FBI False Flag Terror Attacks Unleashed on Portland, OR and Suburbs?


Within a few weeks of the latest apparent violent attack by Obama’s unlawful regime, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber was forced out of office very suddenly on corruption allegations, something that virtually never happens, even under far greater allegations of corruption in innumerable other instances. Were the alleged corruption charges, which appear quite true, only the vehicle, the tool that was used, TO oust the Governor from office, not the REASON the powers that be in the political establishment all suddenly wanted him gone? Did Governor Kitzhaber refuse to commit treason by refusing to sign the soon-to-come Nazi gun check false “law” that just unlawfully “passed”…and that most of Oregon’s sheriffs and police absolutely REFUSE to enforce? Did he refuse to go along with Jade Helm 15’s treasonous military takeover of our streets in his state? Did he refuse to hand over Oregon to China when they invade, likely this year? Read the following shocking information and come to your own conclusion:


Apparent False Flag Terrorism Attacks by the federal government and the United Nations on and around Portland, OR, a city with an overwhelming majority of residents opposed to police state militarism (even the police tend to defend the Constitution more in Oregon than most other states: ) has been on the rise for several years now, and the trend seems to continue to increase. The politicians in China, Russia and our country have apparently been trying to steal our weapons for years through False Flag terrorism.


2009: CIA’s “Heaven’s Gate” False Flag Death Cult Builds $2,000,000 Satanic “temple” in Damascus, OR on Ley Line with Damascus in Middle East?


2010 – (PROVEN/CONFESSED) – Obama’s FBI creates “Christmas Tree Bomber” False Flag in Downtown Portland:


2012: Obama False Flag: Gun Grabbing Sandy Hook Twin at Clackamas Town Center, Clackamas, OR:


2014: Obama Apparently Nearly Murders 2600 People in Estacada, OR False Flag:


2015: Obama Blowing Up Oregon Suburbs, Blaming it on Gun Owners…Again?



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